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From: A. Thomas "Al" Perhacs
Hamilton, New Jersey

In 2008 I published my best selling "Mind Force Library", which consisted of 5 large volumes containing a total of 10 manuscripts.

These became best sellers in the high performance esoteric training niche and are still the go to when people want to learn extremely interesting information.

For more than 20 years, I've empowered thousands of men and women from all over the world to maximize their energy, focus, awareness and ability to create a prosperity consciousness.

I've been in the trenches with Real Estate Professionals for close to 20 years. I ran two successful real estate magazines and launched many more.

I understand you probably better than you do. I've been called "The Mindset Mentor" and "The Let Go Expert", because I'll show you how to release any past trauma that might be holding you back from your greatest success.

My latest book, IMMERSION, reveals what the empowered do that others don't.

Contains Both Personal & Business Success Secrets

The Immersion Book

Just read the Introduction (first 35 pages) and you'll have an immediate mindset change. One that will propel you forward providing you act on my advice as many have.

The Immersion Code Training

Call me crazy, but I'm setting you up with training designed to get you results fast. My goal is all about you taking action for yourself and your business.

The Immersion Workshop

Others have paid upwards of $3,000 to attend my workshops and seminars and now you get a first class ticket to discover my patented MINDSET-MISSION-MOVES to get you to your next best level of success.

Undisclosed Gifts & Bonuses

If I have one fault, it's that I give, give, give and then I give some more. That's because I believe it all comes back when you expect to manifest based on empowering others. I'll help you define and re-align your dreams and goals.

30-Minute Mindset Clarity Call

That's right you get 30 minutes with the author, creator, visionary of The Immersion Code. This option could potentially be worth a fortune to you so book your call while times are still available (This always fills up fast and I have to turn people away)

Finallya Formula That Teaches  Astonishing Self Confidence, Mindset & Self Image Techniques in No-Time Flat- Without Any Experience Necessary--GUARANTEED!

This New Book Can Potentially Change Your Life From The Very First Page...

From: A. Thomas "Al" Perhacs
Hamilton, New Jersey

In 2008 I published my best selling "Mind Force Library", which consisted of 5 large volumes containing a total of 10 manuscripts.

These became best sellers in the high performance esoteric training niche and are still the go to when people want to learn, Qi energy, Meditation, Psychic Power, Manifestation & Abundance, Hypnotic Influence and even healing.

For more than 20 years, I've empowered thousands of men and women from all over the world to maximize their energy, focus, awareness and ability to create a prosperity consciousness.

My latest book, IMMERSION, reveals what the empowered do that others don't.

Contains Both Personal & Business Success Secrets

This book started out as a resource for my "Up-Level Control" coaching clients who had their own business or wanted to start one.

This manuscript gives you immediate access to accelerate and immerse yourself into a dynamic personal system of success.

I added quite a bit on the personal development of self confidence, self esteem, getting things done and other aspects that can be used whether you are working in a career or own a business.

In fact the introduction alone contains more usable, actionable information than most books on the market

Live Virtual Coaching Sessions And Live Workshop Trainings

Our Virtual Coaching Sessions are live, interactive Q&A sessions where no question or request goes unanswered. Whether it be a question or a request for feedback, you will get the answer you need. You can also pre-submit requests in case you cannot attend live. All sessions are recorded and indexed for easy reference.

Our Inner Circle Workshops are roughly an hour long, highly actionable, and designed to keep you informed on the latest strategies, techniques and methods.

Online Productivity Software That Will Keep You On Track and In Focus

We use a state of the art productivity software where you can track your progress and set up your own customized routine, program and feedback loop.

This one tool with all the information contained in it alone is worth what you'd pay monthly for the entire Inner Circle. This Software board was personally created by me for my personal coaching clients who pay me between $5,000-$15,000 to mentor and coach them, and now you have access.

Here's a Look at What You'll Discover When You Get Your FREE Digital Copy of Immersion...

  • The secret of Immersion and how to use it for maximum power and control in your life and or business
  • Discover one secret all high performance men and women use. It's so simple and you're probably already using it, but not in the correct manner
  • Little known "mind hack" secrets that only the best of the best know about
  • Why this one simple trick will increase your effectiveness by up to 75%
  • What you must do immediately if you want to preserve your self confidence even after a life altering event
  • What most gurus don't tell you about how they became successful-The answer will shock you!
  • What never to say to yourself and others (and 95% say it every day)
  • Why you should NOT repeat affirmations unless you do this first
  • The absolute worst time for you to speak with a boss or high level client
  • Plus the complete 5 steps to learning and retention
  • Plus my complete list of books in each category to help you create Maven status
  • The Eight personal qualities for success in any endeavor and why most people only have 5, but all high performers have all eight. You can apply them immediately.
  • The six personal abilities that almost guarantee results every time they are implemented.
  • Being college educated is the key to success right? WRONG! Your golden ticket is contained on page 22
  • BUILD ENORMOUS SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF IMAGE without using outdated techniques. Ten minute breakthrough method naturally triples your minds ability to accept whatever you tell it
  • BANISH ANXIETY FOR GOOD with a unique protocol used by high performers. No need for drugs or elixirs of any kind
  • RECOVER FROM PAST TRAUMAS, learn how to effectively release and let go of the traumas from your past that are potentially holding you back
  • The sneaky ways business owners use the element of Mindset Domination to turn around bad situations...
  • Sneaky little tricks to growing your business exponentially
  • WARNING-Your #1 asset is now in extreme danger! Why this is more important than any other aspect of success (Mindset)
  • WARNING--Avoid these 2 popular manifestation techniques and potentially see your abundance skyrocket
  • CAUTION-Your friends and family could be conspiring to stop you dead in your tracks. Use the easy "catch and release" technique that works every time.
  • Do you feel like you missed the success train and maybe you should just be mediocre? Do this to set a trajectory for your future.
  • Are you and your business partners making these common mistakes with your business? Let me expose them and give you the step by step instructions

  • The amazing "Extra Mile Protocol" that literally insures that you meet or beat your goals
  • The "optical illusion" that absolutely destroys most peoples chances of business or personal success...
  • The single most damaging "habit" nearly all amateurs suffer that GUARANTEES they will never experience a consistently great life. (Once you know the secret, however, you will OWN your success)
  • And...the amazing "follow through" secret that is the foundation of making your business growth
  • Low self image and self confidence is the leading cause of failure. But did you know it's possible to gain self confidence and create a powerful self image in as little as 10 days?
  • What time of day is consistently the most productive time for you? These high performer insights just might surprise you with the answer.
  • If you want to be a high performance man or woman, here's why most of what you've been taught is total garbage and what really works
  • If you are in a rut with your personal or business life, then this sure fire procedure can work wonders
  • The easiest way to identify why people buy from you and how you can accelerate your profits once you know why
  • And finally, the easiest way to be a master of persuasion — the simple, 20 "trigger" words that will make you one of the most persuasive people on the planet, no matter what field you're in. This is the "master secret" of knowing how to persuade almost anyone to do almost anything.

Claim Your Digital Copy Now and Get These FREE Bonuses

Super Bonus #1: The Code Training-Mindset-Mission-Moves

The code of "The Empowered" revealed.

This system I'm about to give you has been sold for as much as $3,000. It's my gift to you for taking action and getting a copy of my new book.

I'm giving you something others invest in. It's my way of paying it forward. It's an award, a gift. Part of my life's work.

Take it seriously...

Imagine you just paid $3,000 for this, so that inside of your mind you will see it as an immense value--Which it is...

Because all I do is coach. So, if I have a mechanism that I can transfer to you that will allow you to transform and power you to create massive breakthroughs that is my goal.

And should you want to connect with me at an even more intimate level to assist you, you'll already have a good idea of how I coach, mentor and motivate those who entrust me with their growth.

Here are Just Some of the Strategies, Tactics & Mentoring You'll Discover


  • MINDSET MASTERY: Self Talk, Affirmations & Declarations
  •  Self-Confidence Acceleration
  • THE MORNING RITUAL: Jump start every single day for success
  • Meditation & Focus Exercises


  • Vision-Goal-Plan-Action- Become a master planner and implementor-30-60-90 day game plan
  •  Time Blocking for High Performance
  • The 4 W's


  • Structure for Success: Sales-Marketing-Branding-Social
  • Pipeline is Your Lifeline
  • Eyeballs- Prospecting, advertising & lead acquisition
  • The 2 Most Important Metrics

Super Bonus #2: Question & Answer Session 

Others pay thousands to be coached and mentored by Alvin T., you get access to him for a limited Q&A session where he answers your questions and provides live advice and mentoring.

Like all the bonuses, this could be removed at any time, so invest your time and extract all that you can from this training and mentoring system.


Super Bonus #3: Thirty (30) Minute Mindset Strategy Call with Alvin T.

You get 30 minute access to the author, creator & visionary behind the Mind Force Method of High Performance Coaching.

Take it seriously (we've said that before--There's a good reason)

You can access this bonus anytime after you purchase the book. This session will provide clarity and focus to your goals to make you even more unstoppable!

Alvin T. coaches the top of the top, the cream of the cream and now you can have the focus and attention to assist you to create massive transformation and breakthroughs in your life.

Immersion + FREE Bonuses= Incredible Value or Get the VIP Kit to Enhance Your Success Trajectory Even Faster!

Want even a faster track to your next major breakthrough?

 You can decide to add-on the done-for-you the VIP add-on package with templates, tools, software we use, and a few more goodies if you want to save some time and effort…

...but, as you can see, IMMERSION contains everything I think you’ll need to understand and implement this method (and a bit more).

The price of IMMERSION is just FREE (digital) or $9.95 (hard copy). With the hard copy, you just pick up the small shipping fee.

Your digital copy of IMMERSION will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how high performance men and women use these methods for excellence!

Your purchase today also includes the bonuses below.

I know this seems like information overload, but I’ve done my best to organize IMMERSION so you’ll be able to immediately gain new insights you can rapidly deploy…

...while having a blueprint you can follow to empower yourself personally and in your business or profession.

To make sure you have everything needed to understand and implement IMMERSION on your own, I’m also including the bonuses below at NO COST with your order today.

These bonus courses and workshops are designed to compliment what you’ll learn inside IMMERSION.

Check Out This Incredible Value for Only $37

Limited Time V.I.P. Tool Kit

This V.I.P. Kit is for those who want to accelerate their results with Immersion and get access to the tools, templates and software of the high performance man or woman... Just select below as an add-on to your order.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I guarantee you'll see results providing you follow the prescribed methods contained in this system. I know this system works as it has for thousands of people from all over the world. If you go through all of the exercises and find they don't work for you, I'll continue to work with you until you get them to work... Most of my clients see results quickly, which means they will start to begin the manifestation process. I will show you exactly what you need to do to get magnificent results!

Commitment: Your "Line in the Sand" for Success

WE PROTECT OUR MEMBERS. Once inside you will be privy to proprietary trade secrets and intellectual property that are immediately valuable and actionable, and there is no way to reclaim them. If people are stealing it, it hurts paying members, and

WE WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN. Giving refunds, after we’ve allowed people into the program, leaves us wide open to illegal use of our valuable material. It’s been too costly to pursue and prosecute, and frankly we just don’t want to spend our time that way.

MIND FORCE UP-LEVEL CONTROL is a killer system and we want to encourage those who are willing to put some skin in the game. It takes a little work and we don’t want to bring people on board who are unwilling to implement…or not coming to the classes…Consider our no refund policy as your “line-in-the-sand” that ensures you follow through and SUCCEED!


YES! I Want Instant Access Now!

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I agree to the terms below and understand that this is a limited time offer. – I Want To Take Advantage Of Your Extremely Generous Offer For The Immersion Book & Immersion Code System of Coaching Now Before it closes. I fully understand I get everything promised and exactly what I need to learn what the empowered do that others don't.

  • Immersion Book- A $24.95 value. You will get immediate access to the book in our private training portal.
  • The Immersion Code  Training System  - $3,000 value– You Get Access to All The Training Techniques Used By high performers.
  • The  Immersion Workshop & Q&A- $300 value- Once you go through the system, you'll be able to ask questions to fine tune your skills to an even higher level
  • (1) Thirty (30) minute Coaching Sessions with Alvin T. Perhacs ($250 value)-- Thirty minute session for mindset and clarity.
  • Unlimited Email Support-- Any questions you have will be answered by one of our knowledgeable staff. Please allow 24-48 hours (most of the time sooner).
  • Updates for Life-- Anytime there are updates, you get them. Once you are a member, you are always a member of the Inner Circle.
  • And So Much More Cool Stuff on The way!

Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. $24.95 FREE copy gets you instant digital access so you can start your training today.

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You get everything that you get in the full system plus additional tools, software, worksheets and training not included in the base package

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When you get your "access pass" , you'll get immediate membership to THE IMMERSION CODE files.  You pay  $24.95 NOTHING for the Complete Training. Your Complimentary Copy of The Immersion Book is Below for You to Download.

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DISCLAIMER: The information stated above are my personal results and those of my clients. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing different kinds of esoteric training for 26 years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All of these methods entail study and implementation as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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