Here's What to Do When You've Tried Everything to Create Massive Breakthroughs and Nothing Has Worked...

Who Else Wants to Learn How to Create a Massive Breakthrough in The Next 30 Days?

Finally... A complete step-by-step Formula for Creating and Building a Bullet  Proof Mindset using  Highly Covert and Never Before Revealed Esoteric Methods

Achieving The Right Mindset to Reach Your Best  Can Be Frustrating and Confusing... I Should Know.  

You might see me today as someone who has extreme confidence and self esteem, totally sure of myself, but that wasn't always the case.

I never finished college...

By the time I was 26 years old I had 3 kids and a wife to support.

I was broke as a joke...

And if you saw me back then you'd probably say--" Poor guy, how can he afford all those kids".

True Story-- Very true story.

I knew one thing and that was that everything comes down to mindset.

I could either give in to circumstances or I could make a transformation inside to create a breakthrough on the outside.

I read as many books as I could get my hands on. When you were in my Nissan, I wasn't listening to music, I was feeding my mind with training & motivation.

You see I knew that learning was one thing but the real juice was in execution.

I became the man I needed to be...

I transformed... I broke-through my limitations.

I stepped into a new version of myself.

Blast Through Road Blocks & Create Massive Transformation & Breakthroughs...

If you want to learn the simple yet extremely effective formula that High Performance Athletes, Business People & Entrepreneurs us to get massive results, month in and month out, then this is the most important thing you'll read and here's why.

Most books, courses and systems only teach one aspect of how to control the mindset.

Read on to find out how this system allows you to gain complete and total control of your mind for self confidence, self esteem, and how to focus on wealth, abundance and attracting your desires.

Imagine having at your finger tips the resources to become more productive in the next 30 days than at any other time in your life?

Think about it, a step by step guide that takes you through each day with the exact schedule of what to do based on your own personalized and specific goals.

The tools you'll need to get you there and the the simple recipe for success!

If this sounds like what you've been seeking, then The 30 Day Inner Game Acceleration System was designed for you, and you need to read every word on this page!

Why Should You Listen to Me? My Name is A.Thomas Perhacs

For 25 years I've been teaching people from all over the world how to use highly esoteric training principles to maximize their energy, vitality, mind force, psychic abilities, manifestation techniques & several healing modalities.

I'm the author of over 20+ courses, master classes, boot camps, coaching programs,  best selling training manuals and books through my MIND FORCE LIBRARY as seen below.

How About You? Are you Finally Ready to Break FREE From Self Imposed Limitations?

Become a Controller & Mind Force Specialist & Set a New Trajectory for Your Life...

Once I proved to myself that I could transform myself both mentally,energetically,even spiritually, I decided to share my knowledge with others.

Over the course of many years I've transformed myself many times...

I'm a published author

I'm a coach and mentor

I'm a consultant to technology companies

I'm a sales and marketing specialist

I'm a project manager for large law firms

I'm a martial artist

My point is once you have the formula, there is no limits to what you can become...

It's all comes down to what I call "Becoming a Controller".

Not a controller of others, but of self.

That is the greatest control you can ever have, knowing you can do what you want whenever you want.

You are your own creator, because you know the concepts and principles to guide you into each and every breakthrough.

I've taught people how to earn more money, get better jobs, find their soul mate, build massive energy, get into shape, become confident in specific areas and the list goes on and on...

What do you desire?

That's why I put this 30 Day Inner Game Acceleration program together exactly the way I did.

I know from seeing the results from thousands of people from all over the world in the last 20 years, I know what works and what doesn't.

The biggest key I've found is that the first 30 days of any type of program, habit, curriculum, is the most critical time.

When I take the effort to make sure my clients have a focused strategy for their first 30 days of learning, I know I'm going to get them excellent results.

The science is so good with THE MIND FORCE METHOD, you can't fail as long as you follow the system exactly as prescribed.

The other big key is I made the system simple so that anyone can follow it no matter whether you have experience or not.

Bottom line, if you do what I teach you to do in this 30 Day program, you will have set the correct trajectory for reaching your objective.

It's no accident. It came from years of studying the science behind the mind and body connection as well as digging into many arcane texts to confirm the teachings.

And that's what you will discover as well.

I know from coaching and mentoring others that this works, and I hope you will trust me, or at least the formulas so you can attain the results you desire.

Does This Sound Familiar? (Taken right from emails sent to me)

Getting and Staying Motivated

My name is [redacted] and I am struggling with staying motivated

Lost Desire

I lost my desire to improve my life. I have had to back surgery and although I get up and go to work everyday, I am in pain. Nothing has worked, pills, therapy, etc. I know what I have to do to improve but just cannot bring myself off the sofa to do anything. I used to be very athletic and a workaholic, now I just sit.

Having Financial Stability

My name is [redacted] I am struggling with financial stability. I can't seem to get ahead no matter what I do.

Trusting Her Relationship

My name is [redacted] and my struggle is with trusting in my relationship. I don't know if I want to continue, but I need the confidence to move on if thats what is needed.

Struggling with Fear

My name is [redacted] and I'm struggling with fear and being consistent with the proper habits to reach my goals

Wants to be Happy

I just want To be and feel happy

Feels Stuck

My name is [redacted] and my struggle is getting out of the mindset that I've been stuck in and haven't moved to a higher quality of life.

Wants to be More Confident

My name is [redacted] and I'm struggling with being confident. I know I can be more, I just need the guidance to help me to get the confidence that is required.

I Get It... That's Why I Created The 30 Day Inner Game! Those Things Are NEVER Going to Hold You Back Ever Again!

Initially I created this blueprint for myself and some of my closest students and clients. Many of them are ones that paid thousands of dollars to get this same information. You'll only pay a fraction of the price they paid!

100% Digital Program

No books or DVD's to wait for in the mail or carry around/lose. Simply login to get full access and you can begin using your program within seconds! All of your downloads will be in MP3, PDF and onine videos.

Mobile Access

You can have the entire system in the palm of your hand. All videos, PDFs and MP3s can be played on your favorit mobile device.You litteraly will have the power righ in your hand.

Perfect for Men or Women from 18-80

You will have a system that is customized to you, whether you are an 18 year old woman or 75 year old man. My clients are diverse and the system is designed to deliver results based on your specific requirements based on your age, gender and desires.

You Will Change The Power of Your Mind Forever

Make no mistake, with these Mindset Domination techniques you will be a totally different person at the end of these 30 days. We will be cleaning your mind out to prepare for all of your next adventures and journeys.

Guaranteed Results

We've sold copies of courses and books around the world for over 20 years because word of mouth is spreading fast! The reason we fearlessly offer a 100% money back guarantee is because we aren't scared to put our money where our mouth is. This program is easy to follow and it flat out works. We are that confident.

Just Like a Crystal Ball, You'll Not Only See Into Your Future, But Control it More Powerfully Than Ever Before...

Become a Controller & Mind Force Specialist & Set a New Trajectory for Your Life...

It's Not Your Fault...Why Most of the Training Programs You've Tried Failed.

Most Programs TRY to be One Size Fits All...And Fail Miserably:

As one of my mentors said in the past, "Not everyone fits into a size 40 coat".

If your a man who is over 50, or a woman who is 35, you have different wants, desires and needs.

Because this initiative allows you to choose your own adventure, your outcome can be quite different.

What does that mean?

Since the Inner Game is designed specifically to align the force of your mind for your specific outcome, it is customized for you like no other program I offer other than hiring me as your personal coach.

Even when you hire me as your personal coach, you will go through this very same process with the exception that as a personal coaching student you have my attention and feedback immediately.

Other than that, it's pretty much the same.

Self paced, to get you the results you desire...

And I think you'll find that to be amazing.

Fact: You Need an Accountability Program That Is Designed For Your Goals If You Want To Really Want To Step Into That New Version Of Yourself.

Most gurus or so called “experts” don’t want to put in the time, energy, research, and money to construct, test, and build a program for each person. It’s hard. So what they do instead is have 1 program and say it works for everyone. It’s a flat out lie.

That's why with The Mind Force Method, you have the option to focus on one of The 6 Pillars, which includes but is not limited to Quantum Qigong, Esoteric Meditation, Psychic Power, Manifestation Abundance, Mindset Domination & Healing Modalities.

Most Guru's Don't Even Have The Skills Themselves, Let Alone Teach it to Others...

The sad reality of the self help world these days is people aren’t in it for the passion or to truly help people get the results they dream of, they are in it to make a quick buck.

This means they will slap together a program not based on science or any kind of repeatable results. They promise people the world, don’t guarantee results, or offer a 100% money back guarantee, and leave people worse than when they found them.

They take people’s money, put them on a bad program that is built for nothing but confusion, frustration, plateaus, and eventually the user giving up from lack of results

I want you to avoid all that and get on a program designed for you to finally succeed now, but to give you the necessary skill sets for the future and that the really amazing part about THE 30 DAY INNER GAME ACCELERATION SYSTEM.

We’ve broken the workshop down into 6 main "concepts" and 4 main “mediums” for you to get support


Building high quality energy to create robust vitality and health. Everything in life is energy and knowing how to control the Yang & Yin is a secret that many masters went to the grave with.


Learning Focus & Relaxation as well as getting some unique techniques like OBE and Lucid Dreaming to work for you (if you want). This is often overlooked but is very important


You are "THE CONTROLLER" and can impact every aspect of your life by how you think and what you think. So powerful that you can use it like a double edged sword that can serve you or destroy you. How you think about yourself, your value, and how you get shit done — very important)


Super charged "Self Awareness that allows you to know there is always more than meets the eye. Developing a keen sense of your own self awareness and seeing beyond the "known" into the "unknown". Open up your third eye of power to become more intuitive and perceptive.


You are a healer... Learn how you can impact through Mental, Emotional, Physical healing. Everyone needs to be healed and discover your healing gifts.


How to attract the things you desire. More than money, more than health, this is the generator and integrator of the mind, body and spirit. Discover the real secrets to creating abundance in all you do. Never let this be a worry again.

What you can expect from THE INNER GAME SYSTEM

We aren't kidding when I say we hold your hand. We provide you with the most effective cutting edge techniques, concepts & training possible for dramatically increasing your ability to transform yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Every technique, concept, ritual in this program was strategically picked by me and my most trusted students to help you turn your body and mind into an powerfully attraction mechanism. GUARANTEED!

Every concept comes with reference videos of the exercise, ritual or meditation being performed and a detailed description of how and why to do each one so you can see and understand how it's done. You'll never be confused again.

If you follow the program as instructed it is designed to give you incremental improvements week after week.

If You Are Willing To Follow The Program Without Cheating Or Skipping Steps… you Will Drastically Transform Like Thousands Of Others Who Use This System.

It's called putting in the flight time...

All success is based on execution. This process is designed to get you the results you need in "mach speed".

Invest in yourself daily and experience astonishing results like some many have before you.

30 Days of breakthrough and transformation like you've never had before, but more importantly teach you the underlining reasons each concept works and how you can use this forever.

Daily training that takes as little as 15 minutes per day, to get you in the proper mindset to handle all challenges

The routines and rituals in this program engage what is known as the ''Triad Effect'' which makes sure you are engaging your mind, body & spirit at all times. A truly remarkable process.

Short MINDSET DOMINATION sessions that rapidly accelerate self esteem and self confidence significantly.

Meditations  arranged to get you results. Fast!

User friendly mobile portal so you can take your training with you on your phone and follow along with ease.

Side note: If you are lazy, don't apply or enroll as this will probably not work for you.

Introducing The 30 Day Inner Game Acceleration System

It's more than you think...

Imagine having a comprehensive systematic approach that will allow you to gain significant insights into some of the most esoteric training concepts and have a personal metamorphosis at the same time...

That's exactly what this does for you.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The online portal will contain all of training, exercises, meditations and content to get you on your way. Here are just some of the amazing concepts you'll discover.

Mobile Access

Take your plan on the go, wherever you are! This mobile version of the training section gives you descriptions, how-to videos. Designed specifically for mobile devices to look great on all smart-phones including but not limited to iOS and Android.

Daily Rituals Part 1: Beginner

It all begins with your "Morning Ritual" or as some have referred to "The Morning Formula for Success". You'll learn the exact blueprint on how to kick your day off the right way,the strong way. If this was the only thing you learned and implemented, it would be worth it to you for sure.

Daily Rituals Part 2: Advanced

Once you successfully set up your Morning Ritual, you will learn the components of devising an Afternoon Ritual & Evening Ritual to create even more power in your life. Can you handle the added power, that is the question...

Mindset Domination: The Scripts

The "Powerful Man" & "Powerful Woman" scripts are undoubtedly the most comprehensive breakdown of subliminal programming ever revealed outside of closed door sessions. This single element is worth the entire program because of the secrets it reveals. Secrets that you can immediately use to program your mind the way you want it programmed.

Desktop & Mobile Software

You'll get access to our Exclusive easy to use intuitive software that you can use on desktop or any mobile device. Track your progress and have at your fingertips at all time the access you need when you need it. This one element separates this program from others on the market.

Bonus #2-  The Mind Force Library  

The Mind Force Library is the cornerstone of your training and will allow you to explore all the unique esoteric training we provide. These Manuals Sell on Amazon and other online booksellers for $30 each or more.

The Mind Force Library is the "Alpha" of The Mind Force Method. It contains the basic training manuals to get you started in the right direction. Taken from my original notes as I was learning these esoteric methods. Sells everyday for $99 and includes over $200 in additional bonus items.

Get The Following "Fast Action" Limited Time Bonuses When You Enroll Today!

We believe in over delivering on our promise to provide you with cutting edge training and guidance you just won't find anywhere else. Check out these bonus items that are worth several hundred dollars if you were to purchase them elsewhere.

Bonus #1-  The Mindset Domination System  

UpLevel your game like never before. Tap into your subconscious in a way that works all the time, every time. This is the protocol of the mind and now you can access it today!

The system is comprised of 3 specific training systems with one over arching concept, Total Mindset Domination.

Once you get access to the core training, you be given access to a special "Masterclass" that will reveal how to use each element cohesively in order to obtain amazing results.

The Hypnotic Abundance Affect ($99)

The secret code of how to create abundance using hypnotic influence methods. This groundbreaking course will deliver to you the elements of attraction by using highly effective subliminal entrainment methods not normally taught.

The Closed Door Hypnosis Files ($99)

Closed door means, very little access by the public and this is the stuff most hypnotists don't want released to the public. The reason why is they don't want you to know the secrets they have so closely guarded for hundreds of years.

The Control Factor ($99)

The "Powerful Man" & "Powerful Woman" scripts are undoubtedly the most comprehensive breakdown of subliminal programming ever revealed outside of closed door sessions. This breaks down the subliminal element in a way that allows you to experience influence in new and profound ways. Even decoding every day speech and turning it hypnotic!

The Inner Game Delivers...

It boils down to putting in the flight time and executing on the things that are going to propel you forward in the next 30 days. The 30 Day Accelerated Inner Game System is the "Inception" of our much heralded 12 Week Immersion System. Many of our students progress to The 12 Week Immersion system and will gain the knowledge of the first level of completion for certification in THE MIND FORCE METHOD.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I guarantee you'll see results providing you follow the prescribed methods contained in this system. I know this system works as it has for thousands of people from all over the world. If you go through all of the exercises and find they don't work for you, I'll continue to work with you until you get them to work... Most of my clients see results quickly, which means they will start to begin the manifestation process. I will show you exactly what you need to do to get magnificent results!

Commitment: Your "Line in the Sand" for Success

WE PROTECT OUR MEMBERS. Once inside you will be privy to proprietary trade secrets and intellectual property that are immediately valuable and actionable, and there is no way to reclaim them. If people are stealing it, it hurts paying members, and

RAPID RESULTS GUARANTEE. Give my 30 Day Accelerated Inner Game Training System a try. There isn't a 30 day or 60 day "no-questions asked" money-back guarantee.

But there is a guarantee. If you actually do the exercises in the course, create your Morning Ritual & Subliminal Files (and share them with me),complete your strategy call with me, and DON'T feel like this course over delivered, then we'll gladly refund your money. 

I'm doing this for two reasons.

1. I think the best way to get people to actually TAKE ACTION and follow through on a course they bought is to offer them "no return." If you can just send an email or make a phone call to get your money back it's much easier to do that than to actually DO the work. I want you to succeed and I think this is the best way to make sure that happens.

2. The type of people who are willing to take a leap of faith to learn something are the type of people I want to work with. They don't make excuses. They don't complain. They want to grow and succeed. They are serious about their business and success. 

MIND FORCE INNER GAME is a killer system and we want to encourage those who are willing to put some skin in the game. It takes a little work and we don’t want to bring people on board who are unwilling to implement…or not coming to the classes…

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