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You're going to be getting your guide in the email! Scheduling a call isn't a requirement to getting the guide! :)

But, I have something special I want to offer you if you're really interested in taking your skills to the next level.

As Mind Force Specialist, Author & Coach working with busy professionals, I have developed a really unique and special system for helping people to gain more control, get more confident & find your clarity

If you are interested in taking your ability to target your goals, focus on them and then crush them to the next level, then schedule a clarity call with me by clicking the link above.

I carve out a few hours each week for people who:

- Have a healthy sense of urgency and really want to see and feel results in their life (whether it is around energy, awareness, anxiety control or creating more abundance!) Is that you?

-Are highly committed to getting results. Most people feel the sense of urgency for changes to happen in their life. But not everyone is committed. In fact, only 5-10% of people who want a change in their life will ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION. Is that you?

-You must be committed to your own personal transformation. Is that you?

-You are willing to be more committed to solutions than the problem and are willing to see your own blind spots. Is that you?

PS- These slots book QUICKLY, as they are first come-first serve. If you don't see a day/time available, bookmark the link and keep checking back for new slots!

I only accept requests for those who are serious about moving forward and want to take advantage of a unique opportunity to work together.

If that is you, I can't wait to see if we are a good fit to work together and transform your life in a short period of time!

Then check your email in about 15 minutes for your Mind Force Framework Blueprint & Video Training. I also have another surprise that you are going to love...

Here's to your massive transformation & breakthrough-- Al Perhacs

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