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The Mind Force Library 

The Mind Force Library is the "Alpha" of The Mind Force Method. It contains the basic training manuals to get you started in the right direction. Taken from my original notes as I was learning these esoteric methods.


  Price: $79 Digital/$99 Hard Copy

  Price: $149 (Digital Version)

The Advanced Chi Power Video  

One of the best ways to build a tremendous amount of physical and mental chi energy. Still a best seller, even at a price that is 10 times the average video. This workout delivers and that is why it's still a best seller even after 20 years.

The Chi Power Blueprint System  

For over 20 years this has been the very best system on awakening your chi energy. Over 15 different methods taught in this easily learned method

  Price: $97

  Price: $67

Mind Force Psychic Energy: Internal Power Centers 

This system will show how to open up your psychic centers with practical techniques and methods that have proven to work over the years.

Mind Force Meditation: The Mind Portal 

Esoteric Meditation training at it's best. Learn the methods to create amazing relaxation, create a strong Yin presence, develop out of body skills as well as lucid dreaming and other unique techniques.

  Price: $67

  Price: $97 Now Only $27

(NEW) The Matrix Manifestation System 

The "Laws of Attraction" and Manifestation are real. Learn the common sense methods and actual techniques that will allow you to align your energy to attract the desires of your heart.

The Hypnotic Influence 

Mindset Domination   System 

If you've ever wanted to learn how to hypnotize with power, this is exactly the set of courses you want. You'll learn everything from self hypnosis to covert hypnotic influence and persuasion methods.

  Price: $297

  Price: $297

The Dark Side of Mind Force & Qi Energy

There is an insidious dark side to Mind Force and Qi Energy and unless you know how to use the dark side, you'll never be able to defend against it. This is my most controversial course to date and was recommended by some of my instructors and students to never teach it.

The Sequence Master Class

Without the correct sequence of techniques, meditations and energy building rituals, you may never solve the puzzle of developing real Mind Force & Qi abilities. This course has become one of the most asked about master classes in our system because it delivers keys to open the closed door.

Big Bonus...

With this Master Class You will also receive access to the best selling, world famous, ADVANCED CHI POWER VIDEO. normally $249, it's yours when you get the master class

  Price: $297

The Primordial Energy Protocol

The secrets of how to harness and use your Sexual Qi Energy for more vitality, health and power. These little known "Monk Skills" were never taught to outsiders until now!

After training with an instructor of these arcane arts, the methods were revealed to only 5 people. Only one of them is still teaching these highly guarded methods today, and that man is Sifu Al Perhacs.

  Price: $297

The Quantum Qigong System

This is the complete system for vital energy development.

For over 20 years people from all over the world have come to rely on this training to create massive energy

Here's What's Included-Immediate Digital Download:

  • The Chi Power Blueprint System ($97)
  • The Advanced Chi Video ($149)
  • The Sequence Master Class ($297)
  • The Dark Side of Mind Force & Qi  ($297)
  • The Vital Qi Healing System ($47)
  • SUPER BONUS #1- 30 Minute Coaching  ($250)
  • SUPER BONUS #2- 60 Day Access to Inner Circle  ($198)

The Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Inner Circle System

The 12 Week Immersion System is a "self paced" coaching program that allows you to learn what normally takes most people to learn in 1 or more years. Now you'll learn it in 12 weeks, but you'll spend years mastering it. You get 12 Weeks of training with Sifu Al Perhacs. Any questions, please contact our support desk.

  Get Access for as Little as $99/mo

Get All The Courses and Systems Above and More with The Mind Force Master System Deluxe Edition for Only $797 (hard copy) or

$597 (digital)
* Please Note That This Includes All Master Classes- Darkside, Sequence, Manifestation & Primordial  

Full Year of Coaching

Let Sifu Perhacs be your go to mentor and coach for an entire year. Accelerate your learning exponentially. This is for the person who wants results the quickest way possible. The person that not only wants secrets, but also how to enhance all areas of their life. Each plan is customized to the person. Contact the support desk to set up a one on one with Sifu Perhacs for all the particulars.

Sifu Al Perhacs has been training in the esoteric arts for over 20 years. He started out as a martial artist and quickly moved to the internal side of training. He has written over 20 different courses of study and currently has 5 best selling books.

He is the Author, Creator and Visionary behind the Mind Force Method.

A. Thomas Perhacs

A. Thomas Perhacs  //  Author, Creator, Visionary

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