July 3


Up-Level Control


Confidence, is the certainty of knowing you can pull something off...That you have a skill that maybe others don't have at the same level of competence as you.

Confidence can be learned...

Confidence can be borrowed from a coach or mentor...

To Develop Your Confidence You Have 3 Options


Option 1 - Do What You've Always Done

The big question we must always ask ourselves-- "Is what I've done up until now worked for me"? Be honest with yourself. If you want to transform, you need to make a change, but of course that is your choice.


Option 2 - Try Doing it On Your own 

Today we have so many choices to learn from. Youtube, books, the web, you name it. The question you need to ask here is "How long might it take me to get to where I'm going by trying to do it all myself"? Again, questions provoke thought and reflection and only you know the true answer.


Step 3 - Work With Someone with The Knowledge and Experience You Want

The fastest way is to find a mentor to teach you that thing you don't have confidence with. They can short cut the process and help you to reach your objectives much quicker. The question you must ask yourself here is--"How much time and money can I save by investing with someone who can get me to my target quicker"?

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