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Marley morgan

Business Development Specialist

“Al Perhacs has a level of impeccable perfectionism  that I’ve never witnessed anywhere else in any other coach or mentor.  I’ve worked with, and studied all  the best of the best…mindset, energetics, psychics  and healers.  He’s the masters’ master.“ 

-- Marley Morgan – Entrepreneur and Life Coach

Meet The Man and His Revolutionary "Method"...

Some people call A.Thomas "Al" Perhacs the “Mind Force Mentor”. Others call him “the Godfather of Chi Energy” or “the world’s BEST kept secret”. Al’s career is the stuff of esoteric and high performance legend. His accomplishments and unique way of taking hard to understand concepts and converting them into layman's terms are frequently the topic of high-level insider shop talk.

For over three decades, his books, systems and techniques have empowered thousands from all over the world to Energize, Hypnotize, and Magnetize the power in their life. His proven track record and methods have secured him corporate clients, celebrities and high level martial artists. All sales and conversation are held in close secrecy.

He’s been actively teaching both online and offline for over 25 years. He's a pioneer in creating high performance esoteric training systems for starters and pros alike.

But none of those “bragging rights” or “claims to fame” really matter much to Al. See… the real reason so many people (including the executives, athletes, and celebrities) seek him out, and the reason you’ve probably never heard his name come up more than once isn’t any of those things.

Al’s real gift for everyone, including you, if you’re looking to create personal breakthrough and transformation, is his LEGENDARY MIND FORCE METHOD. If you ask your “guru”, mentor, coach or trainer what their process is for energy, meditation, psychic power, manifestation, mindset domination and healing, odds are it will track back to Al’s MIND FORCE METHOD.

Top HIGH PERFORMANCE INDIVIDUALS seek out the hidden methods and secrets of this system. ALL hale Al as a source of their methods and success. It’s his students and their accomplishment that tell the tale and explain why you NEED TO LEARN THE SECRETS of this man’s game-changing MIND FORCE METHOD – IMMEDIATELY.

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Each week I do 5-10 "Clarity Calls" or strategy sessions (depending on my schedule). These calls last about 20 minutes and will empower you to make more confident moves in your life.

Standard hourly rate is $500/hr.

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Heather J.


“Message: OMG!!!!! yes i felt your Qi. WOW I have to share this with you. I have been in the “rapid spiritual weightloss” and OMG I am having muscle twitches like mad and also blow light in house daily along with circuit breakers and phone lines.THis all suddenly started. so i left amessage on a blog and it led me too you. Love and Light….”

- From an Email
Farid G.


For any serious inner energy cultivator/practitioner, The Inner Circle is the real deal! I have studied with Indonesian Tenaga Dalam (Inner Energy) masters for five years and by far The Inner Circle System training methods have provided me the missing key that I was looking for.
The techniques given seem “simple” at first glance, but sure deliver!  Sifu Perhacs definitely knows what he is doing. He provides a safe way to increase one’s energy without the dangerous side effects associated with energy cultivation. I have seen and felt the energy increase in my own training to validate their program.

In my past training, I have experienced many different kinds of techniques and these methods are so efficient that I can practice anywhere and on the go. As for starters, the methods are practical and so useful that they benefit one’s health and vitality right away.

Also, the knowledge included in the courses is so valuable for any serious student of the arts to not pass up. To reinstate again, everything that they offer is really true! A true gem especially in the midst of so many so called energy programs and you don’t have even leave for a foreign country to study.

- CO/Indonesia
Gerti S.

Business Owner

"I just want to say thanks for these products...And thank you for spending time with me on a Zoom call. I was able to define on the call what is holding me back and how I can create continuous breakthroughs in my life.

It is like I've been waiting my whole life for these techniques and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm going to give it a try."



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